We are an ISO Certified Company
We follow ISO 9001:2015 Standards & Procedures in all Stages

Quality Policy

SPTC is committed to satisfy customers, by supply of quality products at optimum cost and on time delivery through continual improvement and reviewing the effectiveness of quality management system, quality policy and quality objectives.

We have our technicians trained abroad for various aspects of stencil making. We are presently operating in two shifts & offer a single day as lead time.

Our exposure to the SMT industry has made us comprehend the demanding requirement which has to be met by a good stencil.

We are supplying ready to use stencils to various important organizations in India.

Quality Control

We follow ISO Standards and Procedures in all Stages. We measure 4 critical points to check for cutting quality and accuracy. Weekly sample cuts to check and fine tune cutting quality and accuracy Our stencils have apertures of +/-10microns Digital Tension meter to ensure uniform tension across the stencil.

QC checklist covering all important parameters are attached with every stencil. By now, you realise that we use the best material and machine to make your product, you can feel proud when you see yourself using our products.

We go out of the way and support the cause for quality. We follow strict quality norms and ISO standards to ensure we give you the best. We use Scancad’s Stencil scanner to scan the stencil for missing / uncut pads. A report Is attached with every stencil

IPC Standards & Design

Our Stencil Design team is trained in IPC 7525B.

We follow the guidelines of IPC7525B.

Our designers have designed stencils for a wide range of stencils which are used in different sector; from mobile to defense, consumer to medical, aerospace to automobile.

Based on Aperture dimensions and Pitch / edge to edge gap, aspect ratio, area ratio we suggest the modifications to have optimum solder paste release.

Different shapes for apertures can be easily given - such as C cut, home shape; mainly to avoid bridging / solder ball issues.