About Us

Laser Cut Stencils

High precision stencils made with the best raw material available globally.

Multi Step Stencils

Some components require more or less solder paste compared to the other components on the same board.

Nano Clear

Aculon’s latest nano coating technology to ensure smooth solder paste release and reduce the number of cleaning cycles.

Stencil 2.0

A mechanical deburring process to remove micro burrs that occur during the laser cutting process.

Micro Stencil

Stencils without frames, used for prototype pcbs of small quantity where manual printing is done.

BGA Reballing Kit

Alpha Tetrabond Frame and Frameless  Foil

Wave Solder Pallet

Fixtures to provide optimum soldering of through hole components by protecting SMD components from high temperatures or from falling off.

Top Catch

Fixture which sits on Wave solder pallets to hold though components from the top and avoid lift of components.

Titanium inserts

Have walls as small as 0.3mm between SMD and through leads

Manual Soldering Fixtures

Manual soldering is troublesome and manually exhausting for operators.

Routing Fixture

Professionally made routing  fixtures to hold the PCB without damaging the circuit or components.

SMT / Re-flow Pallets

PCB’s having components at the edge or made without ribs or having warps are a challenge to run on the conveyor.

Vacuum Support Block

Often boards are not flat and need a bottom support to ensure the print quality of solder paste is uniform, consistent and is not deformed.

Robot Soldering Fixtures

Fixtures used to hold PCB’s and components accurately to aid robots to solder.

Universal Pallets

Running several boards which either have no components on the bottom side or have SMD components glued and need to be soldered; universal pallets is a money saver.

Customised Jigs & Fixtures

Many products have different needs and specifications during its assembly.

CNC Machined Components / 5 Axis Machining

Precision machined components is a large market.

ESD Trays

Conductive / ESD Plastic trays are required to store components, PCBs and housing parts.